Shop Staff


Get to know who's in the shop day to day.


John Agnew

Actually raised on the mountain, a young John lived with his family at their hotel  (The Lodge at Purgatory) As a boy, he grew up in the Ski race programs in the 70's and 80's when Purgatory had only 3 lifts. He made the switch to snowboarding in the mid-late 80's as the fledgling sport was still on the fringe of acceptability. Living in a mountain town and spending all days on the mountain were pure fuel for adventure, lifestyle, and oxygen for the Soul! His ideas and efforts created The Boarding Haus in 1995 as the GM and as the sole owner since 2001.  A true passion for the mountains, snow sports, and skateboarding is at the core of what The Boarding Haus has always been about. This shop is for all kindred spirits whose Souls also belong to surfing these beautiful hills around us!


Jeffrey "Danger" Hamner

Is a long time employee at TBH.  Born with a guitar on his back, skateboard in hand, and a snowboard strapped to his feet, Jeff has been shredding since day one!  A great teacher and mentor to the youth that are regulars at the shop, we are lucky to have him on the crew.